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Ever since I turned 40 my sex drive has been through the roof, they don't call it the naughty forties for nothing. I'm married but enjoy meeting men for casual sex & I'm not alone, their are thousands of married wives & single MILFS in their 40's looking for sneaky quickies & secret meet ups to satisfy their rampant desires for wild sex.

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If you're in the market for some intense and hot sex, you might want to consider looking for women not just in their 20s or 30s age-wise. You might want to search out what many consider an under-appreciated and often under-utilized demographic – the cougar. Cougars want a sex meet, and that meat could very well be yours in-between their lips, as opposed to just wanking off or worse, some other bloke getting a bit of fun where you could have been the one. If you're in the market for a quick shag or maybe even an affair, cougars can definitely offer up some stiff competition when you might get bored of all the vanity 20-somethings can be known for. Cougars just wanna have some fun with younger bucks and you should get in on that action while others waste their time and money trying to impress some prima donna.

Older women are definitely great for more than just talking to you about cats or whatever. Many of them know that they need to put out since they are a bit more mature and aged than those most men chase. You can also meet up with a cougar for just chatting or more relaxed dates on top of the sex. Many cougars just appreciate the company of a younger guy taking interest in them and it's really not that far fetched since they might be divorcees or those who were just shy about relationships in their past. Cougars also know how to light up the night life and your night life will be much better off with at least one of them dating you.

Cougars can engage in all different types of raunchy good fun, including shagging, a bit of flashing fun or even exhibitionist sex where few people are looking outdoors. Drinking, sex and the spiced up nightlife could be exactly what the doctor ordered for you instead of just being alone every weekend. If this is you, then you might need to adjust your dating expectations and goals to include older, but still very lovely and horny women from all around the 40 and naughty demographic as soon as you can! Being lonely can be a very painful and depressing experience, and the same goes for having a dead sex life. Spice it up a bit with hot MILFs that love a bit of younger cock giving them a nice shag.

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Karen, 44 from Brentwood, Essex

What a site! Highly reccomend this site to all over 40 women and younger men looking for sex.

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