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Ever since I turned 40 my sex drive has been through the roof, they don't call it the naughty forties for nothing. I'm married but enjoy meeting men for casual sex & I'm not alone, their are thousands of married wives & single MILFS in their 40's looking for sneaky quickies & secret meet ups to satisfy their rampant desires for wild sex.

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It's considered one of the ultimate fantasies and taboos for many people and cultures – adultery and affairs. Some people get incredibly turned on by helping another partner cheat on their spouse. It's often punishable by beat-downs or even death, not to mention legal action in some parts of the world. Nonetheless, people fantasize about having discrete and covered up affairs with people they fantasize about having sex with. You could get in on this dangerous game if you wanted to with mature cheating housewives, but be careful since a lot of affairs end up discovered either by carelessness from the cheaters or guilt and confessions. This is one taboo you have to seriously consider before engaging in.

Older women are definitely sexy and will probably not hesitate to have sex with a younger fellow or maybe even someone their own age if their husbands aren't giving them the business in the bedroom. Women can be fickle when it comes to marital vows, especially if they either suspect their own partner of cheating on them or if they are left entirely unsatisfied in the marriage. Imagine all the terror and excitement of wondering if any single text or phone call to your partner in an affair was picked up by the partner being cucked by you behind his back? The fear alone can be what excites people most in their lives. The sex can be some of the most intense and pleasurable since you might end up being walked in on at any given moment during the sex. The only question remains is how fast can you fly out of the nearest window should the cucked partner arrive?

With every heart-racing moment and concern that can go with having an affair, all these mature women you run into will definitely start to get people excited and ready to have a fling behind the backs of some very trusting people. You might end up with a terrifying punishment, or maybe the person being cheated on will welcome the new sexual arrangement and appreciate a menage-a-trois. It's a dangerous activity but if you're willing to go through with it, can be among the most intense and passionate sexual relationships you can ever have. Mature women are also quite experienced in love-making on average so you'll even have an experienced lady pleasuring you with the excitement of cheating looming over both of you. Proceed with caution, and have fun.

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Karen, 44 from Brentwood, Essex

What a site! Highly reccomend this site to all over 40 women and younger men looking for sex.

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